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Little MissMatched Artsy Girl Doll

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There’s a world of expensive and dreadfully unsophisticated (not to mention a bit bawdy) dolls out there. If you’ve been afflicted by the BRATZ! virus, or worse–had to remortgage your home to pay for another American Girls accessory–it’s time for some intensive cognitive therapy for the whole family. After you’ve been fully deprogrammed, you can restart your child’s doll collection with this awesome Artsy Girl doll.

From her artsy rectangular eyeglasses, to her mismatched socks, to her snazzy blazer paired with something akin to knickers (these definitely are not capris), LittleMissMatched’s Artsy Girl might give your little one a run for her money when it comes to sartorial styling. She even comes with her own funky little knapsack, which we are sure is filled with serious art supplies–never glitter paint or princess coloring books! With her pigtails and headband, dare I say–Little Miss Matched doesn’t just look artsy, she actually looks a little nerdy. Which is great, because we all need a model of the quirky, slightly nerdy artist to aspire to! Her nylon hair can certainly be restyled, if, for example, she needs to look a little more formal when presenting her portfolio to a gallery in Tribeca, or if she needs a little more funk when she’s scoping out the guys at the skate park. Your little troublemaker will love to have a compadre on her adventures, and Artsy Girl is the perfect choice!

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