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Little Ringed Planet

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Amigurumi is, per Wikipedia, “…the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.” In a first for us, we found an Etsy user making these adorable Amigurumi planets, including everyone’s favorite, Saturn!

Yes, Saturn is your favorite planet now – deal with it.

Odd, quirky little toys like this can encourage an early interest in science and learning in your child. When we were kids, we were pretty much stuck with teddy bears and the occasional stuffed dinosaur which, while awesome, pretty much limited our selections to biology and paleontology. While both of those sciences are great, who knows how much sooner we would have put Curiosity on Mars had we had little stuffed planets a few decades ago?

Amigurumi is also a great way to get your child thinking about fandom, hobbying, and play in other cultures. A quick study of Amigurumi may lead to an interest in Origami, anime, manga – who knows? It’s important that kids learn that different people do different things in different places if we’re ever going to do anything on a different world.

Because this is an Etsy product, supplies are limited, and there may be variation between items. Of course, this is a hand-made item, so that’s half the fun.

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