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Little Villains Print

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Could you imagine how tough these evil-doers would be if they could only learn how to cooperate? Doctor Octopus builds a fusion reactor that Doom manipulates into new weapons for the group. Now Green Goblin has fusion bombs, Whiplash gets fusion-powered lashes, and Dark Phoenix… well, Dark Phoenix destroys everything anyway. Can I get a mulligan on that one?

There’s far too much ego on this one poster alone, even if they could put aside their differences for a few minutes. Half of them are crazy enough to ruin whatever evil plans they could come up with. Besides, once all the superheroes have been defeated, how exactly are they going to “share” world domination? This could never work.

That’s okay, because these classic Marvel bad guys don’t need to get along to look adorably cute on this colorful 18”x24” poster. Featuring chibi (mini) versions of many of the most recognizable villains from Marvel comic’s history, this “Little Villains” print deserves a space in any kid’s room. These bad guys are trying really hard to be as serious and menacing as they can (especially Doom), but Loki still managed to find time for a snarky grin.

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