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LittleBits Starter Kit

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One question we frequently get asked is, “where can I buy an old-school circuits kit for my child like the ones Radio Shack used to sell?” Well, we have some great news, not only are the kits still made, but they are better than ever. Luckily, Fat Brain Toys sent us a new circuit starter kit from a company called LittleBits.

This kit is unique because the connectors are magnetic. They simply attract to the appropriate side of the component to complete the circuit. Easily the best feature, but we were also impressed by the adjustable RGB led light and pressure switch. It not only comes with the pressure switch, but also a light-up bargraph component. How awesome is that? Using the bargraph and pressure switch, you can actually create a circuit that measures the amount of pressure on the switch.

It’s a pretty rad kit and you can trust in the quality, unlike those old sets where the soldering would just fall apart after several uses. We made a circuit that used the dimmer switch, button, led, RGB led, pressure switch and vibration motor. Unfortunately, our plans to build a motorized helicopter got no farther than that.

Keep in mind this is a starter kit. Your child is going to want the additional components that are sold separately. That means you are going to have to pony up the bucks for them. This is not a kit for a tight budget, but the quality and ease of use for kids makes it worth the price. The possibilities are endless, especially if you combine with other toys like LEGOs.

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