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Littlest Pet Shop Sightseeing Cute

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London is arguably the home of punk music, and definitely the home of punk fashion. The Littlest Pet Shop Sightseeing Doll is prepared to visit, and not the stuffy London of Big Ben and high tea, but the one that spawned Sid Vicious. She’s wearing a plaid skirt, Union Jack t-shirt, and leather jacket. She has with her a Scottie dog sporting a plaid beret, as British dogs do. She also carries an iguana sporting a mohawk. Her hair is up in pigtails and streaked red. She is listening to music over actual headphones, not those little ear-buds that make our music sound like it is being hissed at you through rusted pipes. In other words, she is a doll with fashion sense. (Not creepy Barbie fashion, but retro 70’s British punk fashion. Note: safety pins not included.)

With the Littlest Pet Shop Sight Seeing Cute, your mini-rocker can pretend to be touring London, visiting Malcolm McClaren’s original shop that launched the career of the Sex Pistols, then heading down to the Bromley neighborhood to see where The Clash,The Slits, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Generation X got their start. The toy can be an educational tool. Your child will be surprised to learn that in England they really do have TARDIS, only they’re used for making phone calls. Let this doll open up the door to understanding of foreign culture, punk style, and pet iguanas with shoes.

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