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Liv School’s Out – Daniela Trux and Drum Set

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Most dolls aren’t cool enough to come with a drum kit. Let’s face it, Strawberry Shortcake was too busy in the kitchen cooking her namesake, Raggedy Anne was always bargain hunting at Goodwill for some rags, and Barbie would’ve kept the beat, but her unproportionate assets interfered with the tom-tom’s. Daniela of the Liv Doll series not only comes with her own set of “skins,” but is too busy rockin’ out to be into anything mentioned above.

You’ve already tried to lead your child down the right path by playing the likes of John Bonham,
Neil Peart, and Keith Moon since the womb; now they’re in the doll phase, influence future rocker with this plastic drummer with purple streaked hair. Daniela is a fully articulated, equipped with 14 joints, so can easily move to the beat, and nail her drum solos a la Meg White.

She also waits until school’s out to play her drum kit — as noted by the title of the toy “School’s out drum kit.” Hey, it might help when you’re making the “You can be academic and cool at the same time, honey!” speech. So order Daniela, a doll closer to a role model and less of a short cake baking, rag wearing, plastic surgery inspiring kind of doll.

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