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Sin & Posey – Living Dead Dolls Plush Dolls

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Just because something is dead, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be loved. It means that it should be loved just as much as if it were alive. It means it should be coddled, hugged, and cared for as much as anything else with ample amounts of blood, and not judged for it’s pale, veiny skin and decomposing exterior; because it’s more about the inside that counts. But the backlash to this can be detrimental if we don’t judge things that are obviously from hell.

It’s like Sin and Posey, two plush Living Dead Dolls from the popular toy line that are clearly cast aways from the pearly gates. Yeah, they’re kinda cute and all, but that look of pure evil that emanates from those blackened, bloodshot eye sockets is the product of a Stephen King novel. Actually, I bet if Stephen King had the chance to see these two deadly lasses, he’d be inspired to write another Cujo or Shining; maybe another Pet Sematary, even. The plot would be that all these little girls would bury the dolls they don’t want anymore, and then one day, they all rise from their graves to terrorize humans. I mean, it isn’t THAT original or anything, but it isn’t unoriginal, and that’s awesome.

This special set of plushy dollies from Living Dead Dolls features two maidens (Sin and her comrade, Posey) whose cold hearts lie where warm ones used to be and evil where niceness used to reside. They are perfect for little ladies with dark hearts themselves who live in the real world and not six feet below.

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