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Lolita Sun Fashion Doll

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In a world where Barbie is Queen of the dolls, and Ken her loyal, anatomically incorrect King, it takes some gall to attempt to dismantle a half-century of tradition. One might consider it as hard as taking down governmental rule, with perhaps as much or if not more of an impact on society. Being that we take our toys as seriously as Republicans take banishing universal healthcare, anything that messes with that system could yield significant results within the toy market.

So let’s all take a moment and allow Ms. Lolita Sun to introduce herself, because she’s the one doll who is going to do just that.

From Bleeding Edge–creators of the Living Dead Doll series–comes Lolita Sun, a fashion doll who is not to be messed with. One look from her, and Bore-bie might end up frozen with fear in her lame, cheaply made convertible. Lolita’s long, pink hair all tied up in little black rings (and you thought it was bows? C’MON!), dark blue lipstick, eyebrow piercings, and black, corset-style dress is a match made in the shadows for little girls who prefer walks through the graveyard rather than walks to the playground. As one of more than a dozen gothly-fashioned dolls to choose from, Lolita Sun is the one your little spider will love the most, and if not, well, Lolita’s wrath may be less than kind.

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