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Loog II Guitar

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So you think of yourself as a bit of a Guitar Hero hotshot? Maybe you even strum a few cords to Jarvis Cocker’s Angela? Well, make way for the new hipster rocker on the street. Yep, you never thought this day would come but it finally has—your kid has become cooler than you. And no cool kid can get by in childhood without a Loog Guitar.

What started out as a concept for an academic project (bet you wish you were this guy’s friend) became a reality when the Loog Guitar was launched on Kickstarter and raised a bunch of money to kickstart a business of unique and well-designed guitars for mini-mes.

Gotta know the specs? Real, sustainable wood is used to make this instrument and it boasts accurate intonation, plus low string action for enhanced comfort and playability. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble the Loog II, using a standard screwdriver (don’t use a knife—remember the accident Dad had when you were a kid?).

Don’t think this is some wussy kids’ guitar. The Loog II plays just like a regular 6-string guitar, allowing the kids to play real chords and pretty much any song. Be careful what you teach them, though. The kids have a knack for playing the songs they learn over and over—so choose that first song carefully!

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