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Look and Cook: A Cookbook for Children

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Sometimes I like to pretend I can cook. Here’s how it happens: I wake up on a cold Saturday morning, get the urge to smell fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, and impulsively Google the first recipe I can find that involves fewer than five ingredients (because who wants to get out of pajamas to fetch gluten-free flour at the grocery store?). Since becoming a mommy, the domestic desire has become even stronger, perhaps in an effort to leave a lasting (false?) impression on my daughter that I am a more down-to-earth, law-abiding version of Martha Stewart.

My little one may never have to suffer the disgrace of not knowing how to separate brown sugar after it sits in the cabinet for months. Why? She will be the proud owner of Look and Cook: A Cookbook for Children. In this vintage-style tribute to all things delicious, author and designer Tina Davis shows off all that she has learned from years of collecting cookbooks. With 50 kid-friendly recipes (including Popcorn Balls, Salmon Loaf, Blueberry Muffins, and Meringue Cookies), children of all ages can roll up their sleeves and become master chefs in the kitchen.

Aside from the fact that you are going to get to eat something called Popcorn Balls (which sound like nectar of the gods), another great feature of this cookbook is the adorable 1950s-inspired illustrations that provide useful graphics for each step of the recipe. Davis doesn’t simply give guidelines on creating tasty treats, she focuses on the basics as well. From describing different utensils to teaching kids how to measure ingredients, and even how to clean up the kitchen when they’re finished, Look and Cook covers all the bases.

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