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Louis Pasteur Little Thinker

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If history were an ad on Facebook, it would read “Like milk? Like cheese? Like not dying of botulism? Then LIKE Louis Pasteur!”

Of course, most of it would probably be misspelled.

Pasteurization is the process of heating and cooling by which food is made safer for consumption through the heat death of bacterial organisms. It’s also a word kids stare at sullenly at breakfast while they’re refusing to eat their cereal – that and homogenized. But pasteurized is the puzzling one: what, did they put the milk out in a pasture? Surely, eight-year-old us, you jest.

It was Anton Von Leeuwenhoek who first looked under a microscope and saw tiny bacterial organisms, which he called “Wee Beasties” back in the 1600s, and for nearly 200 years the collective palate of mankind wrinkled its nose every time it took a sip of milk. We owe our strong and healthy bones and complete lack of revulsion at drinking bovine lactation to Louis Pasteur!

The Louis Pasteur doll is about a foot tall, and made of soft, squeezable plush right down to his tiny little milk bottle. Get one for the future biologist in your family, and teach him or her about the virtues of sanitation and cleanliness. Who knows – maybe now kids will start cleaning their rooms.

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