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The love for video games often extends beyond the experience of the game and into the game system controllers and peripheral devices. A true gamer melts with nostalgia at the rounded silhouette of a SNES controller in much the same way that a car buff might get excited about the recognizable shape of of the rounded and recessed headlights on a 1960s Ford Mustang. The experience of gaming includes all the details of not only the software, but the hardware that allows us to interact with it.

You can relive your greatest gaming memories while sharing a bit of history with your spawn by decorating their room with the Love For Games print by Axel Pfaender. This colorful poster features cartoon caricatures of some of the most memorable – and some of the most obscure – gaming accessories spanning nearly four decades of fun. From the iconic Atari joystick to the Wiimote (which your youngest will no doubt recognize), this poster will have you reminiscing about your favorite games and give your child sweet dreams of the 3DS XL. It’s cartoon-like portrayal of these systems will make it appealing to your nerdlings, and will spur their curiosity about the history of what has become one of the most popular and influential past times of the modern world.

Pro-tip: Remember when the 3DO was the most advanced home gaming system, EVER? Neither do we.

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