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Ludo Plush From Labyrinth

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When you are being chased by goblins, it’s good to have a sweet, talented friend by your side who can help you get out of trouble. In the beautiful fantasy movie, Labyrinth, the protagonist, Sarah, had such a special companion. His name was Ludo and he was a large, scary looking beast with a big heart. He helped save Sarah and her friends by summoning rocks with his beastly yowl. The stones rolled in from all around and crushed the goblins, allowing everyone to escape and continue their quest: the search for Sarah’s baby brother who had been captured by the Goblin King!

Now you can have your very own loyal, rock-calling beast to stay by your side through all of your own adventures. This Ludo plush can be your own fluffy companion. At 9 inches tall, he is a less intimidating version of his movie self, and just as charming and sweet. He might not be able to help you solve puzzles, and he might complain, “Smell bad!” if dad floats a stink biscuit during TV family time, but there is no closet monster or creature under the bed that can defeat Ludo the rock-calling beast!

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