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Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline In Paperback

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Who knew that a book written 60 years ago about a little Parisian girl who gets an emergency appendectomy would make such an impact on the world. There’s no way kids would be interested in that, right? Wrong! The book is Ludwig Bemelman’s Madeline, and the amount of buzz this book has gotten over the years is just, well, to be quite honest, insane. But in a good way. Kudos to Ludwig.

You (and your parents for that matter) have seen the Madeline franchise grow — movies, a TV series, plush toys — you name it, it’s out there. But we have a soft spot for the original, the first book that hit the shelves. We’re a bit old school like that. And we know you are, too.

So pass by all that other clutter and pick up Madeline. With its timeless illustrations of gay Paris, rhythmic text, and of course, a little girl who can sometimes be a bit of a brat (but a bit cute, too), this book appeals to kids of any age.

No pop-ups. No tabs to pull. No corresponding apps. This is just a book the way the Spaghetti Monster intended a book to be: simple, fun and remembered for years to come (seriously, your kids are going to have the phrase “pooh-pooh” and those yellow outfits ingrained into their minds for 30+ years).

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