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“M” Is For Metal

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ABC books for children are a dime a dozen. Some are boring, some are so-so, and occasionally, some will even wow you. For Metal parents, there is an ABC book out there worthy of the latter reaction.

Without being overly childish (unironically speaking), “M” Is For Metal is a notable method for learning the fundamentals of language. Pairing the letters of the alphabet with the icons of Metal and Classic Rock, kids will learn about Angus Young and Keith Richards before they reach preschool, and parents will laugh at the humorous twist on an age-old method. Any alphabet book that says “G” is for “Groupies,” which all bands love, and that “O” is for Ozzie, who has issues with dog doo doo, is a guaranteed chuckle fest amongst older Metal and Rock and Roll fans. Authors Paul McNeil and Barry Divola, have truly devised a learning tool that both child and parent will enjoy reading.

As kids continue to reread the book and discover the size of Gene Simmons mammoth tongue slide and Keith Richards’ (and the rest of the Stones’) refusal to meet their maker, hopefully they won’t imitate the well-known traits of these aging rock stars at an early age. But with good parenting, stuff like watching out for your child on a booze bender or trolloping around with those people all bands love to have around (hint: totally starts with “G”), will prevent incidents like this from happening… at least until their of age. After that, taking away their subscription of Kerrang as punishment will no longer be an option.

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