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Maddie the Mermaid

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Who says mermaids don’t exist? With the majority of the oceans unexplored, who knows what undiscovered wonders life beneath? Look, we actually found one ourselves! She was hanging out with the Groovy Girls and she can’t wait to meet your kid!

This is Maddie, a mermaid with a penchant for aqua and lilac. Her body is made of soft, fleece-like material that are perfect for little ones three and up. Her outfit has lots of wonderful features: a necklace with a pink bauble, a star hairclip, and a chic seashell purse. Not to mention her gorgeous lavender and aqua yarn hair!

Her tail even comes off, displaying two stockinged legs with a pair of pretty blue flats, just in case she has some business on land to attend to. She stands at 13” high and 4.5” wide, making her perfect for taking on adventures.

Parents, you’ll appreciate the dedication that the Groovy Girls brand has in making unique dolls that come with a range of hairstyles, outfits, and skin tones. They’re a great alternative to the masses of ultra-thin, under-dressed dolls out there!

Maddie the Mermaid’s life under the sea wouldn’t be complete without a human friend to help her on her adventures. Add to your kid’s magical creatures collection and watch them get lost in hours of playtime.

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