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Thomas Dolby once exclaimed, “she blinded me with science.” I don’t think he’s referring to an unexpected pregnancy, but I feel that situation can still apply. Babies are made mostly by science and hopefully a little love. Wait, wait, I’m not talking about marriage or one-night stands, I’m referring to Dr. Frankenstein. You didn’t build that baby in a lab at MIT. No, that human being is made from 100% natural chemical reactions (99% of the time). It is now your duty to let the world know the intricacies of the birds and bees. No stork visited your doorstep and dropped off that infant in a basket with a note. Praise it or blame it, but science produced that little guy and you can now proudly display it with the, Made With Love Onesie.

Sure, they call it love, but you know it takes a little more than a candle light dinner, some wine and a few romantics words to create a new living human. Why are you still reading this and not clicking the “Want It” button? It is your responsibility to let the world know the truth. Oh, I hope you like turquoise because that’s the only color it comes in.

Of course, when I was kid I thought you could make people via the computer and a modem. I’m still waiting for this invention. Check out the clip below.

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