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Magical Amazing Robot Game

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If your child keeps asking you to buy them their very own robot, politely decline and get them the next best thing–trust us, robots are too high maintenance.

We’ve found the perfect game for kids who love a bit of retro robot cool in the Magical Amazing Robot Game. Just like the 1950s Merit Robot Game, this board game will have your child baffled by the know-it-all robot and his answers (correct ones, at that—every time!) to questions on nature, history, sports and general trivia.

Just place the Amazing Robot on the Question Circle tray, point him to a question, and move the Robot into the Answer Circle. And then the magic happens. The Robot will spin around to the correct answer and your kids and all their friends will have to pick their jaws up off the floor from such an amazing robot victory.

Don’t ask how the Robot does it, he just does! It’s like Google in miniature robot form.

This game comes packaged in a trendy vintage-style box that your kids (and you) will get a kick out of. It makes a great gift for any board game enthusiast, robot lover or children who are curious about the world around them.


  1. Peter Tyrrell

    I remember owning this games. I was amazed.

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