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Magritte’s Imagination By Susan Goldman Rubin

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If Rene Magritte’s The Song of Love gave you nightmares as a child as it did us (we haven’t taken a dip in the ocean since 2nd grade), then you have no other option but to pass along the sometimes-disturbing masterpieces of this Belgian artist to your offspring.

Some would call this artist a genius. We like to call him a frickin genius. A frickin Belgian genius. Because who else would paint a man smoking his own nose or a giant apple hovering in the sky? Maybe your kid, but that’s beside the point.

Magritte’s Imagination is a book that takes kids on a journey far beyond Hogwartz and Dwelg Town. It’s exactly what you’d expect out of a book that introduces kids to surrealism—it’s full of head-spinning images, from Magritte’s Homesickness, to The Tempter, all in bright, bold colors to capture your wee one’s imagination.

Now we know your child’s fond of all those sickly sweet fairy tales on the bookshelf; place this in those little hands and their imagination is sure to go on a thrill ride, leaving all those thinking-in-the-box kiddos behind in the dust of cliched childhood dreams.

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