Make it a DC and Marvel Comics Holiday


Holiday truces are certainly not unheard of in the world, so we’re going to force DC and Marvel to occupy the same space of the Internet just for a little bit. You DC and Marvel guys can get along for 300 words, right? The nog’s over there and your presents are under the tree, have fun!

Besides, aren’t you getting a little tired of imagining what Batman and Superman would do in different scenarios? Don’t you think about different heroic combos every so often, like The Hulk and Aquaman? Wouldn’t those two make an amazing team?


So let’s just put our differences aside and look at some cool comic book stuff ripe for the holiday picking.

First, go ahead and brush up on the holiday comic book issues from both DC and Marvel. We could learn a thing or two about togetherness from these guys.

Let’s start where most Christmas stories begin: the tree.

Our favorite Marvel ornaments by far are these handmade felt owl Avengers. Why are they owls? Whooooo knows.


And because there’s just something about figures with huge heads, our fave DC comics ornament collection has got to be this one.


Next on the list of Christmas chores is hanging the stockings. If your family is on two different sides of the great comics debate, that’s ok. Your stockings can hang next to each other in peace. Superman, for one, would most definitely be able to set aside his differences in favor of some sweet stocking loot.


See how all The Avengers flock to the front and center of this stocking to sign the temporary cease fire agreement? Such holiday spirit.


To fill those stockings, look to unique and quirky comics-themed gifts like the Mavel Labbit Mini-Toys over at Kidrobot.


Don’t worry DC fans, there are some great quirky toys out there for  you too, like this Funko Pop! Vinyl DC Comics Mini-Domos.


And last but not least, what would the holidays be without some crazy fun Thor jammies?



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