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Make Music Not War Tee

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Children have a powerful sense that war is wrong. They understand human suffering with the ferocity and rawness that adults only experience in times of tragedy. When they hear about children suffering in these conflicts they say, “that could be me.” Young kids are incapable of politicizing or creating justifications. Unlike adults, they can’t ignore painful truths that gnaw at them. Children are, by nature, anti-war.

Though they possess a sense of righteousness and a knowledge of right and wrong, they often don’t have the words to express how they feel. They can become overwhelmed when the muddledness of their expression overcomes the clearness of their feelings. Help your kids express their concern and turn their frustration into a solution: make music, not war.

Tee and Toast offers an ethically sourced, environmentally friendly tee that expresses what many children feel: people should be creative, not destructive. The Make Music Not War tee shows a bomber dropping guitars, both acoustic and electric. It reminds us that music has the power to synchronize our emotions and unite us across cultural boundaries.

The tee comes in five different colors for sizes 0 to nine years old.

Speaking of war, watch this kid eat his first Atomic Warhead. Hilarity ensues.

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