Make Your Own Plushies with Treefort Five Craft Kits


In its Kickstater campaign to begin production on plushie creation kits, Treefort Five exceeded its original goal by 400%. The public has spoken, DIY plushie kits for all! No more will plushie-making be reserved for the craftiest of craftsters among us.

For $25, you can have a box containing all of the materials your kids will need to craft the “Apples and Oranges” or “Peek-A-Boo Monster” plush toys mailed to you with free shipping and handling. You can also buy the pattern, or an already-made version of the plushies.


In the future, the company has plans to release a Police Car Box and add the materials to make the cupcake pincushion to each order. If the campaign reaches its next stretch goal of $7000, the Fire Truck Box will become available.

Danielle Ameen, the company’s founder, began her love affair with fabric crafts as a young girl. She would make “fabric pizzas,” which were “essentially scraps of fabric fused together into one cool-looking art piece.”


As she grew up, she tried every craft under the sun, until she found her calling making amigurumi (a word meaning “freaking adorable little crocheted toys”). Then, after hearing onlookers constantly bemoaning their lack of craftiness, Ameen had a lightbulb moment.

She began by thinking about how she became the talented crafter that she is today, starting with her early sewing lessons at her mom’s side and ending with her own adult apartment’s supply closet stuffed with craft supplies. To begin learning a new skill or embarking on a project, people need the what and the how, but also having the materials at hand will leave them little excuse but to get their craft on.


Ameen named her company Treefort Five because she always wanted a tree fort. “It’s probably the coolest thing you could think of,” she explains. She also liked the idea of kids sitting up in their own little tree fort, sewing together. “I wanted to start a brand that had that feel,” she says. “A small close-knit (chuckle) place where people can feel like they can escape and just create and learn.”

The company’s goals include expanding to create an online community, a library of skill tutorial videos and more patterns and boxes. Her ultimate goal, though, is to help people develop the skills they’ll need to branch off and make their own plush creations. “Circle of life, pay it forward, and all that jazz.”

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