How to Make a Zombie-Themed Bedroom for Your Child


Has your tween been devouring old horror movies like last night’s brains? If their favorite part of the year is Halloween and they’d like to keep it with them all year long, maybe it’s time to give in and go all out with a room renovation fit for the undead.

Here are a few great ways to zombify any kid’s room.

If you’re the type of family who regularly gets portraits done, consider doing a zombie group portrait just for your little horror fan (or for yourself, we totally understand). What better way to incorporate the family into their new zombie obsession?


There’s really two ways you could take a zombie theme, and both are going to need to be over-the-top (otherwise it’s just creepy, right?)

The first is to gore it up to the extreme (think The Walking Dead), but that approach is only going to work for the most un-scare-able kids since. The other approach is to go with a more cutesy, tongue-in-cheek approach, like Plants Vs. Zombies or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.


If your kid is more brave than me, you can start out with some bloody zombie bedding like these from Etsy’s Ghotic Designs. Add a little more gore with the stitched skin switchplate, which even has some faint blue veins. Gross.


Of course, the wall is just too good of an opportunity to waste with “normal” wall art. Don’t forget to zombify that too with some decals like these.


For a zombie lampshade, just get a normal lampshade and add some zombie-shaped cutouts. Be safe and use a non-flammable material like silk twill.


If you want to head for the more cutesy approach, start out with a zombified character portrait like this one of Ariel.


If Disney’s not your kid’s favorite, maybe a shark eating a zombie is more his or her style. I’m not really sure who wouldn’t be into a shark eating a zombie, come to think of it. This painting, called Great White Gobstopper by Laura Barbosa, demonstrates what might possibly be the best way to kill a horde of anemic zombies.


And of course, I couldn’t possibly sneak by while writing an article about cutesy zombie stuff without mentioning Plants Vs. Zombies. Check out these PvZ sheets.

If you’re crafty and feel like taking this zombie party to your sewing machine, you can pick up a few great zombie patterned fabrics from Spoonflower.



  1. let

    Hi! Where did you get the Plant vs. Zombies bedding?

  2. Erica Manary

    Is there a way I could order this bed set?

  3. Where did you aquire the zombie bedding set this you have in the pic above, the would be perfect for my grandson room.

  4. Ma

    Where can I get the zombie bedding in your picture at the top?

  5. Tasha Butner

    My 4 year old is OBSESSED with Halloween & Zombies. He is fearless & could totally deal with a walking dead themed room. I’m fact, he’d love it. My concern is other children being frightened by it. So I have decided to go the Plants vs Zombies route & was actually brought to this page because of the bedding in the top photo. Where can I find it?

    Thanks in advance!
    Signed, the mother of the cooky, creepy kids.

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