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Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay Deluxe Gift Set

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When you were young if you were in the mood to play with clay, you either bought it at the store (where it would be too tough to play with), or you went out into the wild to collect the real stuff (as if). Well, folks, times have changed thanks to Mama K.

Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay is the ultimate in playtime fun, offering kid-safe clay with subtle aromatherapy oils to soothe the mind; kids deserve it, with all those stressful days painting at school and riding bikes at the park.

Using all-natural ingredients, this deluxe gift set features 7 scents that kids will love, and you will too. We bet you’ll find yourself pulling this clay out late at night just for a quick sniff. There’s lavender for soothing, bergamot for easing, lemongrass for inspiration, geranium for balance, sweet orange for feeling uplifted, cardamom for refreshing, and chamomile for relaxing. It’s cheaper than therapy.

The set also includes a sweet maple roller and 3 recyclable US made aluminum cookie cutters in the shapes of a snowflake, star and what else, but a sign-of-the-horns for all those rocker kids.

Oh, did we mention Mama K has also received a handful of awards for their cool clays? If that isn’t enough to tempt you (as if scented clay isn’t enough), then fine. Go to the corner store, pick up that 30-year old packaged clay and see how your kid reacts.

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