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Marching Ants Teenytini Knit Trouser

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Let’s face it, ants don’t live long. Weeks, if they’re lucky enough not to be trod on, eaten or drowned in the rain. Sure, the Queen Ant can live for years, sitting in her nest while the other worker ants do all her dirty work, but the regular, blue-collar ants — they’ll never know the wonders of Sartre or the taste of chocolate gelato. So to honor the ant and its too-short lifespan, we’ve found the perfect trouser for your little girl.

Ok, so she doesn’t have to be obsessed with ants like the biologist E.O. Wilson (though his short story is rather amusing), but why shouldn’t she be? Antz made a sh*t ton of money at the box office for DreamWorks and Marvel’s Ant-Man is pretty badass (and also kind of an ass in general, but I digress). That’s just two reasons to be obsessed with ants. Two! We’ve got a whole list. But back to our point: any non-obsessive ant girl will still love these cute and comfy pants.

Crafted from a super luxurious alpaca/wool/cotton poly blend, these knit slacks give a bit of stretch so they’re never tight and uncomfortable, and they sport a load of style, so she’s always groovin’. We love them most because they’re perfect for the winter months ahead, but not made with all those dull and drab colors of the season. She’s a kid, she needs to dress in bright colors. That wintery Wednesday Adams style can wait ‘til she’s in high school. Pair it with her fave blazer and a pair of Keds, and she’ll be overtaking you in the fashion department in no time. Sorry.

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