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Mario Kart Racing Set

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Oh man, I loved these things as a kid. It’s kind of strange how a child can just sit, mesmerized by electric cars zipping around the exact same stretch of track for literally hours. The track can only be constructed one way. It can’t be modified. It’s the same straightaway and same loop-de-loop you saw a hundred times before. But there’s just something about it that kids can’t take their eyes off.

Now, add in a little Mario Kart spice and, bam! The nerdlings will be drooling zombies for weeks. The toy offers a Mario vs. Peach setup, both sporting the cars made famous by the Nintendo DS port of the game. The total length of track measures over 20 feet and on the tight, wall-climbing hairpin turn in the corner, some additional iconic characters from the Mario Kart universe watch the action. As is typically the case with these things, however, batteries will drain quickly and you’ll also have to deal with the continuous, endless zip of the cars swishing around the turns and through the loops. Overall though, it seems like a fair tradeoff for several hours of not being badgered about how bored your children are.

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