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Mario Kart R/C

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a child, in want of an R/C race car, will feel it necessary to nag their parents ceaselessly until they get one. And this particular Mario Kart remote-controlled car has gone gamer. Featuring no less than Mario himself, the toy is modeled exactly after the car the plump plumber drives in game. The attention to detail is pretty impressive and the car has no shortage of getup and go: Mario tops out at about 10 mph. So not only do your children get the fun of having their own car, but they get the added bonus of pretending to drive over banana peels or dodging those horrible, horrible blue turtles shells which have ruined many a successful racer’s career indefinitely.

It also doubles as an amusing pastime for the family dog. The cart runs on every day batteries, however, so it’s likely you’ll go through more than a few Duracells before your child loses in the toy. If they seem really interested in the toy, it will certainly be worth picking up a battery recharge station or else the cost of fresh juice will drain your wallet dry.

If you’ve ever experienced a chat program like Chatroulette then odds are that you’ll enjoy this video. We promise it is SFW.

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