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Mars Attacks Figure

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Those pesky Martians are always up to something, aren’t they? I sure hope the rover doesn’t come across these dudes in its travels. (At least we didn’t pack any doves on Curiosity.) This Mezco toy is an official action figure of one of the invaders from the beloved Tim Burton film (and 1960s trading cards) Mars Attacks! If you have yet to show your offspring the film’s cheesey cult-greatness, this quality figure will provide the perfect introduction (save all the head-swapping, head-exploding and disintegrating bodies for later).

As you can no doubt see, the design of this figure is definitely a cut above the rest, especially with the attention to detail that went into the facial features. With 13 points of articulation, this 6” figure is sure to be a hit with any kid who is into classic-style sci-fi and aliens. Included are three different weapons for playtime fun: a pistol, rifle and ray stick. If you’ve got a little space cadet in the making, why not give them something truly creepy to play with? Let’s face it, a good time can be had by all while instructing your lil’ nerd the proper Martian vocalizations.

Just be sure to let them know that Slim Whitman is actually this invader’s biggest enemy.

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