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Mars Is For Rovers

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As a kid, I always dreamed about visiting Mars. Looking up at the sky on certain nights, you could see that bright red dot, almost close enough to reach out and grab (and you could, if you were 54.6 million kilometers taller and could breathe in space). Later in life, I grew to appreciate all kinds of science fiction novels that depicted life on Mars. “Why not visit one day?,” I thought. Venus is the inferior planet, anyway.

Now that we have visited Mars (or at least our robot has), every kid that I’ve ever known who is fascinated by space has something bigger to dream about. Maybe your kid dreams about visiting Mars, too. If that’s the case, then you and your child can show your appreciation for the Curiosity Rover landing with the “Mars is for Rovers” kids t-shirt.

The trope “Mars is for Rovers”, brought to us via NYC comedian Zach Broussard, is detailed on the front of this kids tee in bold blue lettering, with a large visual depiction of Mars centered on the front. Perfect for those who like to wear future internet memes on their t-shirts, the Mars is for Rovers kids tee lets us show that our kids can be just as nerdy as we are.

Don’t let this miracle of engineering get away. Pick up the Mars is for Rovers tee, and instill some big dreams in your little astronomy lover.

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