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Marshall Power AMP Laptop Bag

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Like carrying around a worn-out copy of On the Road on public transit in order to attract the attention of like-minded literary freaks, by carrying a laptop bag that looks exactly like one of several, double-stacked Marshall Amplifiers, the chances of striking up conversation or getting others to notice something that you like in life won’t be very difficult. Sporting this bag, your offspring will gain more of an audience with the other cool kids on the bus who will be clamoring for a few minutes of their time to geek out, because guitarists and those who appreciate them (aka: music nerds) aren’t hard to come by. Your budding guitarist can wow them with his/her intimate knowledge of rock’s iconic amp, used by everyone from Eric Clapton to Slayer since 1962.

Marshall Power AMP Laptop Bag by ThinkGeek is the first computer carrier of its kind (and if their still rockin it analog, there’s more than enough room for notebooks galore). Its messenger-style design, durable, water-resistant canvas, brass fittings and quarter-inch plug zipper pull, all add to the silk-screened image of a classic, Marshall Amplifier that soars past 11. Unlike the (at least) 2 people it takes to move a regular-sized Marshall, with this one your kid will only need themselves, their laptop, school supplies and maybe a sturdy shoulder.

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