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Martian Manhunter T-Shirt

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If you’re a DC-loving parent, then chances are your child knows all about Batman, Superman, and Flash. Starting with the basics is great, but remember to educate them to the greater DC Universe, and make sure you include Martian Manhunter, aka John Jones, in your curriculum. Martian Manhunter, despite his menacing moniker, has been dedicated to fighting evil since he arrived on earth in the 50’s. With his vast array of powers including telekinesis, X-ray vision, flight, and super-strength, he’s a valued member of the DC Universe and has been involved in almost every reincarnation of Justice League. Give this man, er, martian, some recognition!

Along with telling your kids of his awesome feats, honor John’s alien heroics by getting them this t-shirt featuring all his Martian glory. His cape is flying, his eyes are staring down evil, and his insanely ripped green muscles are a dare to any and all evildoers. The 100% cotton tee comes in toddler to youth sizes, so you can start the love of this comic hero early. Since this epic shirt will probably become their favorite, you can buy them a bigger one every time they outgrow it! Just kidding. But not really, because you probably wish this shirt came in your size, too.

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