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Marvel Bathing Suits

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It is an odd thing how some children take to the water as readily as Tony Stark in his Deep Sea armor while others are as terrified as Catwoman. Regardless, learning to swim, scared or not, is a rite of passage that every child must endure. Why not give them a little boost of confidence by turning your nerdling into a super hero?

Unlike typical Marvel Comics merchandise, these swimsuits do not simply display a subtle emblem of their favorite hero, but are actually modeled after the entire body suit worn by the respective savior of mankind. Featuring Iron Man, Spiderman, and Captain America, the suits are light weight, dry easily, come with a swim top, offer UV protection, and display the distinctive fashion sense particular to each character. I personally have to agree with the folks over at ThinkGeek and give a nod to the Captain America suit, which is fairly impressive because, as a general rule, I don’t like the Cap at all. I’ve always found him to be a boring character. Still, that’s just one nerd’s personal preference and no arguing with how cool your little tot will look all suited up in his blue and whites. Sizes are offered that will accommodate ages 2-4 (small/medium and medium/large).

And remember kids, no swimming during Thunderstorms.

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