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Marvel Super Hero Socks

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“You gotta wear your team’s colors.” That’s what I say when someone notices my Batman socks sticking out over my dress shoes.

It’s hardly worth the trouble mentioning, but maybe – just maybe – your kid doesn’t care so much for Batman. Maybe the poor, misguided soul prefers that hodgepodge assembly over at Marvel. Maybe you, in your overzealous loyalty to Joss Whedon, took the little minion to a certain summer 2012 movie that apparently did pretty well.

Well just in case, the folks over at SockShop have got you covered (or your kid’s feet covered) with four pairs of socks bearing seven Marvel superheroes. Four pairs means four different match-ups, all with black backgrounds, a mix of three heroes, and the signature color of the prominent hero dominating the toe. Gold Toe? Try Hulk Toe!

The cotton depictions might remind youngsters of sillier adaptations like The Super Hero Squad Show, but older, even nerdier onlookers will recall some of the characters’ most iconic poses. One of Captain America’s is like the Darick Robertson/Jung Choi Marvel Metal Gold Blaster 1995 Limited Edition trading card put to yarn! (Try saying that five times fast…) The resulting pictures look almost pixelated, adding a touch of classic video game nostalgia.

Thin and stretchy, these high quality socks are machine washable and are great for year-round heroics. The best part is that you won’t even need to pair them up after washing. Just grab any two socks and you’ll have a whole team of Avengers and other Marvel heroes. Six heroes is better than three anyway, right? Be sure to check the size guide before buying… and don’t blame me if they get stepped on by the other team!


  1. Shelley

    I am loving this site! Awesome socks, here. I would never wear anything else…well..maybe Star Trek, Original Planet of the Apes that kind of stuff.
    Keep up the great work!

    • NWCAdmin

      Hi Shelley,
      Thanks so much! I just found these Star Trek socks (they are for adults). Please feel free to email us if you find anything that we should feature on the site.

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