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Mastermind Code Breaking Game

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Mastermind, one of the first true tests of wit growing up. The game appears simple at first: two players attempt to outfox each other by taking turns placing a code of four colored pegs on the board. The first player acts as the Mastermind, placing the secret code, and attempting to trick and deceive. The other player, the codebreaker, must then try and crack the code, guessing the order and color of the pegs within twelve turns (or less). Easy in theory, but Mastermind can quickly turn into a much deeper mind game, where each player learns which patterns can fool his opponent, and which cannot.

Suggested for ages 8 and up (but not required, as there are some particularly intelligent youngsters out there), Mastermind is designed to develop logic skills, train cognitive abilities, and hone one’s powers of deduction. Use it both as a fun way for your child to pass the time, develop some healthy competition, or as a positive learning tool. Mastermind can be played again and again, boasting over 2000 possible code combinations (yes, even blue, blue, blue, and blue), so there’s no shortage of replay-ability from this game.

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