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Math Dice Game by Think Fun

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Math. People seem to either hate it or love it. Your child might never fall madly for math, but that doesn’t mean they should reject it completely. Luckily, there are companies out there whose goal it is to make numbers and equations not just tolerable, but also fun. Introducing Math Dice from educational game publisher, Thinkfun.

We were luckily enough to receive a review copy of the game; we’re big fans of dice games in general, so any product that adds to our collection of geometric chance cubes is automatically awesome. The rules are fairly simple, and the instructions do an excellent job of explaining gameplay. The package contains two twelve-sided die and three six-sided ones. Plus a cute bag that allows you to keep everything together.

What makes Math Dice so great, not to mention challenging, is the fact that you are forced to use arithmetic the whole time. First, you roll the two twelve-sided die and add the accumulative sum. Then you roll the three six-sided dice and use each of their results to equal the sum of the twelve sided die. Sound confusing? Rest assured it’s very simple, but you and your children’s minds are going to melt as you run through hundreds of equations. The game uses addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, powers, and roots. Oh, and to make it even harder, you are not allowed to use paper or a calculator. Score a point? Yeah, you better make a mental note because you can’t write it down.

This is a wonderful game for torturing strengthening your child’s mathematical ability. It didn’t take long for all of us in the office to join in and start rolling.

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