Math Is Marvelous Print

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Math is Marvelous Print

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Remember when math was simple? You were given four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Life was easy. Variables didn’t exist, functions were still a ways off. The good old days. The Math Is Marvelous Print will recapture your youth and add the perfect touch on a child’s wall.

The print reminds me of the innocence we all had before Algebra or Geometry. Remember when we used to like our math teachers? Make sure you relish this moment with your child. The day will come when they stay up late throwing their graphing calculator against the wall, screaming that they’ll never use cosine or PI in real life. That’s why your parents kept the bottle of whiskey in the locked cabinet above the refrigerator. For now, you can enjoy using flash cards and practicing timetables.

Kidding aside, math is the foundation of civilization and the building blocks of science. It’s also the stumbling steps to debt, bouncing your first check and financing that car that is out of your price range. Nothing beats a smile on a kid’s face who just solved that long division problem by hand. Long live our elementary math teachers, they prepared us for the final battle with Calculus.

Speaking of reminiscing do any of you remember the game Number Munch for Apple II? It was sort of like Pac-Man with simple arithmetic. If you never played it then you missed out.

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