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Matilda, Your Tudor Girl

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Are you searching for a doll that is not only educational, but also awesome? Do you refuse to buy your kid Barbie or Bratz? Need something with more depth (and clothing)? Well, I’m about to make your day. We were sent a Matilda, Your Tudor Girl from A Girl For All Time, and it’s one of the best and most beautifully adorned educational dolls on the market.

The background on Matilda is fantastic, adding historical layers to everyday playtime. She is a thirteen year-old girl, born in the countryside during the Tudor period, who is very bored with her life until she receives a visit from her cousin Katherine. Katherine wants Matilda to attend King Henry VIII’s court and spy for her. All the educational appeal of The Tudors, without a naked and violent Johnathan Rhys Myers.

Matilda, Your Tudor Girl stands 16 inches tall, and comes clothed in a period-appropriate court dress. She includes accessories and a booklet about her life. A Girl For All Time also sent us Matilda’s Secret, a novel detailing the entire adventure of Matilda leaving her home and traveling with her cousin to the royal court. We also received Matilda’s Keepsakes & Secrets, a scrap book for your child to fill out and follow along with the exploits of Matilda.

We can’t recommend this enough; with the plethora of “harlot dolls” on the market, Matilda is a breath of fresh air. Your child will learn about history through an independent, quality product.

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