Maudlynne Macabre Doll

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Maudlynne Macabre Doll

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The goth world is a commonly misunderstood subculture. It’s also a tad complicated too. With so many offshoots, it’s hard to keep up with the fashion and music of every categorical style and sound that exists amongst the shadows of society’s most mocked archetype. There’s Cupcake Goths, Victorian Goths, Cyber Goths, Pagan Goths, Deathrockers, Romantic Gothers, Industrial, Darkwave, Death Rock, Goth Rock, and others that will go unnamed but are here in spirit. Indeed, goth is a galaxy to which we find ourselves comfortably alone or not comfortable at all.

For 10-year-old Maudlynne Macabre, her comfort in the gothic universe is decidedly cushy. She spends her time away from the light of day in favor of the darkened staircases and musty attic spaces of her Victorian mansion in Upstate New York. Maudlynne’s morose world of indulging in dark chocolate, lonely moonlit walks, all nocturnal creatures, her best ghost friend Victoria, and talking raven sidekick Edgar Allen, defines her style and overly shy demeanor. She yearns to become an internet (or television) clairvoyant, and your child’s next gothic dollie friend.

Standing just over 15 inches tall, the Maudlynne Macabre beginner fashion doll is a gorgeous, sculpted doll by Robert Tonner. She features black Mary Janes, navy blue tights, long inky hair, a red headband, and a beautifully crafted Victorian inspired dress with a black bow and lace. Maudlynne is a lifelike toy that baby goths will love. Along with Maudlynne’s fingerless gloves, pretty bright blue eyes, and immense look of boredom (a key feature of any goth outfit), you get the satisfaction of knowing your child is playing with something other than Barbie, as well. They’ll be so delighted with a uniquely similar version of themselves to play with that their already darkened souls might find a little love for their new friend.

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