Max Axiom Gets Shocking: Teaching Kids About Energy


Teachers are so much cooler these days than when we were kids. Sure, we’d get a crazy mad woman once in a while, a loony lady who goes on and on about her cats. That was just weird; not cool. But nowadays, kids can go to their local science center and watch some crazy mad scientist put his hand on a Tesla coil and make his hair stand on end, then blow up a cooler full of dry ice.

And kids get to read graphic novels about cool teachers who can control various forms of energy and harness the power of physics principles on the level of superpowers. That’s where Max Axiom comes in. Max is a science teacher who uses the power of electricity on his adventures with his students. (Max, the super scientist, covers a host of topics including magnetism, photosynthesis, sound, cell life and so on.)


Though the adventures find Max explaining complex concepts like energy conversion and transference of power, the dialogue is easy enough for kids to understand and enjoy. The story is told in graphic novel format, too, so it resembles many of the cartoons kids are likely already watching. Now that plots involving super-heroes are more accessible in stories for kids, reading Max Axiom will feel just as comfortable to your kids as reading comics — with the added benefit of also encouraging them to learn more about electricity.

How else are they going to properly understand the principles behind how Thor can summon lightning?

On that front, let’s not forget this classic from the folks at School House Rock.

It’s this approach, making learning fun, that has the deepest impact on children. Teaching should be an adventure, like the ones Axiom takes, and the learning part, that should be about discovery. Children shouldn’t feel burdened with knowledge. They should feel liberated. The very cool Max Axiom helps make that happen.

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