Meade 130mm StarNavigator Telescope

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Meade StarNavigator Telescope

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Childhood is a great time to begin investing in the wonders of our universe. My wife got me into astronomy, and she fondly remembers her first telescope when she was a kid. She lived out in the country, far away from the distractions of the city lights, where you can see the stars at their brightest. It’s easy to get lost out there, imagining exactly how big the universe is. Recent telescopic images can show us amazing pictures of nebulae and colliding galaxies that seem almost unreal, but it’s hard to beat going out there yourself and taking a look at the rest of our universe with your own eyes.

The Meade StarNavigator is an excellent beginner’s telescope, perfect for introducing your kids to astronomy without breaking the budget, or getting a telescope that feels light on features. It sports a 130mm reflector scope, as well as onboard AudioStar tracking. This allows anyone to get a guided tour of the stars, complete with built-in speaker, which is great for showing off all of the major attractions of space without the fuss of having to learn charts. The telescope is fully computerized and upgradable, sturdy, and has enough focal length (1000m) for any enthusiast.

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