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Mechatars R/C Robot

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Before going into a full-fledged nerd-gush, let’s have a brief and sober analysis of what Mechatars are, and what they do:

The Mechatar game is a combination of online and IRL play. Your kid gets a toy Mechatar, which is actually a USB-programmable fighting R/C robot toy. There is an online “training” component in which Mechatars fight and learn new moves, combinations and powers, and an offline battlebot sort of component that lets kids pit their actual R/C robots against one another using programmable moves and attacks.


THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST TOYS WE HAVE EVER SEEN! It’s like the makers of Mechatar tapped into the collective nostalgia of everyone born between 1970 and 1985 and pulled out A: Voltron, B: Captain Planet, and C: Pokemon, then mixed it all together and said “hey, know what would make this even better? If this toy was also a video game.”

Next thing you know, we’ve got a remote control interactive online-enabled battle robot suitable for ages 6 and up.

(As an aside, the product box says “for ages 6-12” – I have a better recommendation: how about you’re not the boss of me and I’m going to play with this thing even if I am 35 so there.)

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