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Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants Crusher’s Pirate Quest

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Gamer parents can look back on their adolescence and remember a little dragon named Spyro. With all the fond memories you have of the little purple fire-breather, how could you not want your kids to share in the fun? You’ve probably already given them a few of the Skylanders series, and now they try to play it every waking moment. As much as you appreciate a love for gaming in your child, you can’t have them playing every minute of the day—that’s how mindless zombies are made!

A great alternative for your little dragon is the Crusher’s Pirate Quest set from Mega Bloks; they can have all the fun of the game, without being glued to the TV. It’s taken from the just-released Skylander: Giants game where Cynder and, of course, a bunch of giants defeat Kaos once again. The Mega Bloks set gives you a buildable pirate ship with awesome features like a raising sail and working launcher. The ship can also be rebuilt into a large dock for those landlubber adventures. It comes with a buildable Crusher the Earth Giant and Cynder, a formidable evil-vanquishing duo. Other pieces include a Chompy, a cake slice, a treasure chest, and a scroll, totaling hours of creative freeplay for your little gamer.

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