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Mega Bloks WOW Goblin Zeppelin Ambush

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Ah, goblins. They’re always coming up with the craziest contraptions. Many tend to underestimate goblins at first glance, assuming they are primitive, volatile little creatures who want nothing more than to pillage, set fire to things, and increase their hordes. People who know better, know that goblins are quite the creative race, capable of producing all sorts of wacky and intricate machines. Half of them are as likely to explode in your face as they are to actually work as intended, but that’s exactly how goblins prefer it: unpredictable and crazy.

So it stands to reason goblins could produce something as awesome as a zeppelin, and in the World of Warcraft universe, they did just that. The Mega Bloks World of Warcraft Goblin Zeppelin Ambush Set comes with all the parts needed to create a goblin zeppelin from the game. Krazzle, the Goblin Rogue, Light Hoof, the Tauren Paladin, and Darkhowl, the Worgen Rogue figures are included, along with a crossbow launcher, and additional (randomized) weapons. Your kids can have fun building the aircraft, then design an attack against it, because that’s a perfectly acceptable thing for rogues to be doing. It doesn’t even matter that the goblin could be the one helping to take down its own ship, if that’s how your kids want to play.

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