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Mega Man Baby Tee

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You can kill two birds with one… rock. With this awesome tee for your tot, you can keep your newborn child warm and cozy, and also display to the world your sense of style and nerdiness. Made from 100% cotton (preshrunk), the tee comes in either white or pink, and features everyone’s favorite blue midget-with-a-hand-cannon, Mega Man. But wait, I don’t get it. Why does the shirt say “Rock on?” Was there some kind of evil robot that fired rocks at Mega Man in the first game? Well, aside from a crummy side-boss in Dr. Wily’s castle, no. The phrase is actually an ingenious idea by the shirts’ creators to differentiate hardcore, old school nerds from the modern, casual nerd.

Unbeknownst to many, Mega Man was not initially given that name – the rough translation from Japanese would have pegged him as Rock Man, but Capcom decided that wasn’t epic enough apparently. When you carry your wee one around with you and show off your cute bundle of joy in their brand new shirt your child will be like a Masonic secret signal with a drooling problem known to only a select few.

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