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Mega Man Boss Poster

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The MegaMan series. Typing that gives me chills; half from excitement, the other half fear. I remember being a kid and playing the first three games in the series. How many times did I die? The blisters on my thumbs; the countless hours of staying up till 3am in the summer; that’s when video games were challenging. You weren’t expected to win and if you somehow managed to complete a single level, you felt accomplished. Now it’s time to pass down that legacy to your children. You can start by purchasing this poster with all the robot masters (bosses) from the first ten MegaMan games.

We’re talking about 88 ridiculously badass bosses on one poster. This piece of wall art offers the perfect opportunity to have your child track their progress on defeating each one. You could even re-live some of your youth by taking turns with your lil’ gamer, and you two plow your way through the different levels.

The poster is quite large, 18”x 24” and only costs $9.95. I would have killed for this poster when I was a kid. Only question that remains: can you remember the “magic” order of which stages to complete first?

Pro-tip: Here’s the boss order for MegaMan 1. Guts Man 2. Cut Man 3. Elec Man 5. Ice Man 6. Fire Man 7. Bomb Man

Just tell your kid you expect him to be as good as this guy in the video below.

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