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Mega Man ReStik Wall Decals

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What? This isn’t fair! You mean to tell me that according to this wall decal set’s layout, Mega Man has to take on all six of the original bosses from the first game, at the SAME TIME?! Fighting them in order, one at a time was bad enough, but what do you think happens when you put them all on the same wall? There’s no peace treaty, no friendly argument about the fate of the world in 20XX. There’s just a ton of bomb chucking, electric spamming, rock hurling action, and the set only comes with one life bar! Good luck, blue bomber.

So you like Mega Man, right? Of course you do, and I’ll bet your kids like Mega Man as well. That’s why their walls should be plastered with little robot, and there’s no better way to do that than with this Mega Man Re-Stik wall decal set. These decals shoot some life into any boring wall with the original robot masters, who seem hellbent on taking out Mega Man with extreme prejudice. Fortunately, you can arrange and rearrange the wall art however you like, so if you were hoping for a happy ending out of this, you could always put Mega Man at the top of a pile of trashed robots.

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