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Melissa and Doug Folding Castle

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Ever worry that play sets are too prescriptive? Toys by Melissa and Doug take more of a blank-slate approach, giving children ingredients to let their imaginations run wild.

Their Folding Castle is no exception and offers the perfect combination of open play with particular pieces. The wooden castle comes already decorated and has a fanciful feel with its light colors and corner-based architecture. The base is only a 16-inch square, but the castle’s inventive structure opens up so that the once-enclosed castle becomes open to multiple kids and larger adventures (but hopefully not an army laying siege- we hear that was pretty miserable).

A king, a queen and a knight with horse are included, and as long as kids haven’t seen First Knight, their tales will probably avoid any mention of Richard Gere. While there’s no shortage of stories that can begin with “Once upon a time in a castle …” all adventures eventually have to end. That’s where the folding becomes a real advantage, making cleanup just another part of the fun as the castle closes its walls for extra protection in the closet.

Melissa and Doug also sell a set of six medieval characters and two horses for a larger cast, and both products share the same sweetly simple aesthetic and quality wooden materials.

Might bring back memories of playing with this castle, if you were lucky enough to have one:

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