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Metal Baby Car Sign

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Collectively, as a human race, it’s perfectly alright to admit our distaste for people who plaquer their cars with those annoying “My little brat is an honor roll student at such-and-such a school in who-the-cares-USA” bumper stickers. They’re permanent statements boasting about how better their kids are from anyone else, and the individuals who commit such atrocities should be reprimanded at once–but in a civil way, for we are not monsters. Even the whole “My kid beat up your honor student and blah blah blah” car stickers meant for people like us to cheer in support of Muffy getting knocked in the dirt, is equally as atrocious and overdone. We need a new car sign/sticker that doesn’t deal so much with self-proclamations as it does with saying that your kid is just downright cool, but no cooler, than the next kid on the block.

Move on over, all you gall darn preachy pieces of parental propaganda, and make some room for the coolest car sign among the vast sea of aggravating sayings with the “Metal Baby on Board” placard from the heavy hitters over at This super-cool, car window ornament is an appropriate complement for every metal baby who drives (backseat-style) to the tune of Maiden’s “666” and doesn’t give two thoughts about stepping up to any youngster whose honor roll status results in a holier-than-thou ‘tude. Made of durable, heavy-duty plastic, this is one sign that will stand the metal test of time. All metal babies aboard!

(Check out the lil’ dude’s wicked pacifier!)


  1. Jose

    Is the Metal Baby Car Sign available yet?

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