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Minecraft Guild T-Shirt

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Let’s face it: Steve’s got it rough. Minecraft’s main character is plunked down in the middle of a hostile environment with no food, no tools, no shelter, and no source of energy. Oh, and when the sun sets, the world turns into a monster infested nightmare wherein he can’t walk five feet without something trying to bite, shoot, or dismembered him.

So there’s perhaps little wonder that Steve finally decided to do something about his deplorable conditions. He and the other miners have formed a Minecraft Union, demanding more rights and less harsh working conditions. Apparently it’s working too, because in the most recent patch, Steve can spawn with a chest filled with starter goodies to get him through the night. Power to the Union! Your child can express their support by donning one of these insanely cool (ok, maybe insanely nerdy) shirts they have over at ThinkGeek.

The shirts come in a stylish black and depict the logo for the guild, a crafting table, along with the Union’s mantra: Mine. Craft. Build. Flip the shirt around and there’s a cute (horrifying) image of a creeper. Unfortunately the shirts only come in two sizes: small (6-8) and medium (10-12).

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