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Minecraft LEGOs

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The ultimate building block toy: LEGOs. LEGOs took Lincoln Logs out of the picture years ago and has reigned supreme since. But of course, the times they are a changing and there’s now an ultimate building block game: Minecraft. It seems like it’s only inevitable that these two products would create a bitter rivalry akin to Coke vs. Pepsi as to which is superior to the other, but this possible schism has been miraculously averted by fans of both. A tremendous community effort lobbied toward LEGO was responsible for the holy fusion of the two best block building designs ever made by humans. Minecraft LEGOs are the result and they are beautiful.

Featured are grass, dirt, sand, and stone blocks. Minerals are present, trees, lava, water – in short, everything that makes Minecraft awesome. Even Steve and a Creeper. There’s little doubt your kids will get some serious use out of these toys and, by combining the two great concepts, they are sure to make some rather impressive creations and even worlds. Additional packs of Minecraft LEGOs can be added to expand the module until it takes up your whole living room. Not that you would mind. Because then you could start building human sized tunnels through the blocks and live Minecraft.

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